During the year 2014 the company Google has decided to quit from the market their app Google Reader, coincidentally during that date we were launching a native and simplified reader for the Mac. In two months we lead the rankings of the Mac App Store and these are Some reviews that have left us.

  • Nice, slimmed down feed reader that stays out of your way until you need it. (AppStorm, USA)

  • лёгкая и прозрачная RSS-читалка для Мака (AppStudio, Russia)

  • Favoriteer: Ein einfacher, neuer RSS Reader für den Mac (AppStore4Mac, Germany)

  • Minimalistischer RSS News Reader ohne Sync (AptGetUpdate, Germany)

  • Favoriteer Mac OSX: Lecteur de Fils RSS Complet et Leger (MaxiApple, France)

  • Favoriteer: La Recensione (AppleLounge, Italy)

  • 一个 应用 程序 允许 将 您 所有 的 新闻 供稿 同步 化 在 在 处 处. (MacX, China)

  • Favoriteer free, light and fast feed reader for Mac OS X (TechTastico, Spain)

  • The Apps you need to move from Google Reader (iAccessories, USA)

  • Standalone, lightweight RSS News Reader (AddictiveTips, USA)

  • Favoriteer is a lightweight Reader for Mac (TechHacker, USA)

  • Put all your feeds in one place (MakeUseOf, USA)

  • A great news reader for the Mac (FreshAppleNews, USA)

  • Favoriteer, mac-osx lecteur de fils rss complet et leger gratuit (BasketTrener, France)

  • Alternative to Google Reader (DailyTechnoBuzz, USA)

Currently we have stopped maintaining the product.

Nahuel Proietto