Latin America’s number #1 hit music station los 40 Principales has gone to air with a brand new sound from ADBAND



We are a music and sound production company focused on media and advertising. Some customers demand integrated solutions that is why we have created this company expressly to satisfy this purpose.


Broadcasting services.
Radio production and Radio jingles.
Music for Advertising and Games.
Cross-platform mobile Apps.
Motion Graphics and Video post-production.
Sound post-production and Sound design.
Voice-overs, Foley, Games and Films.
Direct sound, films and installations.
3D Audio y 5.1 Surround (Post-production)
Multimedia mobile and Development (UI/Coding).
UX and Interface design.
QA Quality control.


There is no more effective way to establish an emotional connection with the audience than through music. We are work with agencies and audiovisual production companies for the creation and composition of advertising, jingles or musical pieces. Last year we won the first place for a piece we produced for Samsung in Panama. In October we recorded some spots for the Mar del Plata Film Festival. We also did all the voices for the Bicentennial documentary on History Channel with Soledad Pastorutti.


Audio post-production refers to all the steps that occur between recording and finishing the master. This includes sound design, editing, mixing, composing and post. We are equipped with professional tools, original sound libraries and virtual instruments for post-production projects, whether audiovisual, radio, advertising or interactive. We also offer consulting and development of mobile applications oriented to broadcasting and audio. You can visit our interactive section to listen some projects in which we have been involved. For any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.


Los 40 Principales
Punto Radio Spain
Cadena Ser, Spain
RTVC / Radio Televisión Canaria
Punto Radio, Spain
Grupo Prisa (Chile - Spain)
History Channel
Young & Rubicam
EarOne TV Italy
Radio Effe Italy
Mediaseven Spain
Undici3 Italy
Comunicaciones móviles Mallorca, Spain

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Imaging includes talents of voiceover, music beds, sweepers, intros, promos or musical identifiers. The final result rise to a consistent and differentiated brand that positions your radio in the market.


Custom Service

We provide the best resources for an effective and memorable branding, hundreds of clients have already trusted our service. Our packages are designed to increase the brand and create an emotional connection.

Syndicated Service

The same benefits as a traditional jingles package, but at an affordable cost. Always aligned with successes and trends. The service includes acappellas and versions to ensure a unique personality. See our Online Catalog.