Nahuel Proietto.


I was born on December 2, 1984, I have 30 years. I'm a programmer, marketing student at FAECC and recently Systems Engineering at Institute of Aeronautics. I wrote my first App at age 12 with the Clipper language in a i386, under the supervision of my father. Shortly later, I took classes in contemporary music with Professor Eduardo Praino. After high school, I realized courses OOP: Objective-C, C / C ++ in the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires, also got a degree in JAVA / J2EE, at ITBA, approved with scoring 160/200. I worked some years composing music, post-production and advertising for clients such as Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, MC Eriksson, Artear, ESPN, Gravedad Zero. In 2006, I started with ADB4ND a venture of interactive art, software and music where I am still involved, being provider of digital content for clients such as Grupo Prisa, Punto Radio, Iberoamericana Radio Chile, History Channel, among other agencies and media media in general in America and Europe. I am currently developing a new 3D software for a device called Leap Motion (similar to Kinect).


Our work, is a creative process that involves the composition, music production, coding, vocal coaching, mixing engineering and obviously technology. Naturally, media is pure technology, and it evolves faster and faster. We think the audience does too. We think, a brand needs to evolve in parallel with her audience, and there is no more effective way to establish an emotional connection with the customer than through music.


Broadcasting services.
Radio production and Radio jingles.
Music for Advertising and Games.
Cross-platform mobile Apps.
Motion Graphics and Video post-production.
Sound post-production and Sound design.
Voice-overs, Foley, Games and Films.
Direct sound, films and installations.
3D Audio y 5.1 Surround (Post-production)
Multimedia mobile and Development (UI/Coding).
UX and Interface design.
QA Quality control.

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