My name is Nahuel Proietto, i am the manager at ADBAND. I began programming during my childhood, then i became interested in arts.

Attended several courses and contemporary guitar practice. After my high school graduation i decided to turn into the world of audiovisual. So i took several courses at IUNA in harmony and composition, photography at BCN.

During my 20's, i worked producing music for ads. Delivering to clients like Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann, Artear. Participating on projects for Radio and Television with several artists.

As a programmer i took some courses of OOP at ITBA mastering Obj-C, Swift, C/C++. Then a degree in JAVA/J2EE in the Graduate School of UTN. Deepened into scrum master, design patterns and software architecture. I worked few years at Globant's Future of Organizations Area.

In 2006, I enrolled at UCES for a degree in Marketing. Particularly interested in the strategic management of my own business. Also this year i decided to run my startup called ADBAND. Specialized on digital branding and music oriented to the mass media. Providers of digital contents for clients such as Grupo Prisa, 40 Principales, History Channel among others in Latam and Europe.


Our work, is a creative process that involves the composition, music production, coding, vocal coaching, mixing engineering and obviously technology. Naturally, media is pure technology, and it evolves faster and faster. We think the audience does too. We think, a brand needs to evolve in parallel with her audienceand there is no more effective way to establish an emotional connection with the customer than through music.


Broadcasting services.
Radio production and Radio jingles.
Music for Advertising and Games.
Cross-platform mobile Apps.
Motion Graphics and Video post-production.
Sound post-production and Sound design.
Voice-overs, Foley, Games and Films.
Direct sound, films and installations.
3D Audio y 5.1 Surround (Post-production)
Multimedia mobile and Development (UI/Coding).
UX and Interface design.
QA Quality control.

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